"The basis of everything is the bargaining, the bargain and often the unobtainable that there is at the Balon. It does not matter to have a precise idea ... at the Balon you have to come to interrupt the daily routine, to take a tour of the most beautiful and interesting folklore and colors of our Turin Flea Market".


Saturday's Balon is the historical Turin flea market, since 1857 in the Borgo Dora neigborhood.

Saturday's Balon Turin's Flea Market takes place every Saturday from 7 AM to 6 PM.

It's open to professional operators and hobbyists, handcrafters, artists and musicians.

Balon is a colours, flower & savour great mix... It's also a work dictated by the recovery of what the Balon was in the past, its history, its importance, its commercial and socio-cultural wealth.


The Balon flea market has been taking place for a long time in the streets that go down from Piazza della Repubblica to the Dora river. In 1857 the "market of rags", after having been hosted in other Turin streets and squares, was installed in this area. It was held every Saturday and hosted "feramiù" (old iron dealers ) and rag vendors, hence the Piedmontese expressions "mercà dle pate" or "mercà di pui" (rags or flea market).

For further information on the history of the Balon Saturday Turin Flea Market: 
Borgo Dora


The Balon market today takes place in the streets Borgo DoraCottolengoLaninoMameli, Cortile del Maglio and has the characteristics of a weekly fair well blended with that of the markets. There are about 300 exhibitors with 50 shops, open from Tuesday to Saturday. Walking through the streets we can find antiquessecond-handartisanavintage, creativity, collectibles and simply used items


All these exhibitors attract a varied clientele that passes with ease from the collector of rarity to the simple curious. The exhibitors are traders, artisans, students, retirees and vintage enthusiasts. In this city's corner it is easy to find those looking for the bargain, the rarity, the curious object that until recently was stationed dusty and forgotten in the cellar and which at the Balon seems to regain life. Foreigners have now acquired an important role both as sellers and as customers.

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